Features You Need to Look Out While Purchasing a Best Laptop Brand

There are various brands which produce different ranges and features of the laptop at a different rate in the market. While planning to purchase a laptop, most of us get confused as it is very difficult to select the right one. It is very much necessary to select the correct one because the price of the laptops are quite expensive and you cannot invest money every month for the laptop. This post is brought to you by Techlogitic gadget reviews blog.

There are continuous up-gradation of features, models, and designs of the laptop which makes very difficult for the people who purchase a laptop earlier as it is very difficult to enjoy the newer version in your older laptop with old updates.

So, here are some features you need to look out while purchasing the best laptop brand.

High-resolution screens

Earlier, most of the laptops were holding 1366×768 resolution screens even though you owned the best laptop brand and paid more money. In this resolution screens, you were compelled to view grained images and photos and at the same time, a bulk of text fits on the screen due to which you had to scroll a long way to view the web pages or any other documents.

Today the scenario is different. You can enjoy a resolution screen from an affordable system with a 1920×1080 or more higher resolution which helps you to view the movies and pictures clearly without any grains and also requires less scrolling for documents or web pages. If you are a person who is keen to have the highest resolution screen then you can purchase laptops which provide 4K ultra-HD displays that output at a ridiculous 3840×2160. As it provides you the best view with high resolution, it is quite natural that it will be costing more than a standard laptop with normal resolution screen.

8GB of RAM or more than that

If you are a person who downloads and experiences software with high memory then you need to ensure that you have a laptop with high GB RAM. Earlier, it was very costly to purchase a laptop which contains more than 4GB of RAM but now 8GB of RAM is considered as a standard on mainstream systems. If you hold a laptop with 8GB of RAM then you can also enjoy by keeping loads of tabs open at a time, you can do multitasking, watch movies and other shows simultaneously, play a game, etc. the speed of the laptop will be normal and you won’t be facing any stuck. If you are planning to multitask or open many tabs at a time with less GB of RAM then your laptop will start functioning slowly.

All in one facility

Due to the heavy weight of the laptop and comparatively bigger size, it is very difficult to use on a crowded train or bus. Now, after the arrival of the new version, you can fold or flat to complete your task or else you can separate the screen too from the keyboard just like you can do it with a notebook computer. This facility will help you to use your laptop in trains, airplane or in a long queue to check out your social media accounts, to send messages and also to view a movie without any difficulty. This facility cannot be found in older versions of the laptop which was introduced three to five years ago. To enjoy this facility, you need to pay more.

Touch screen facility

While using a smartphone with touch screen facility, most of us have wished to have a laptop with touch screen which will help to access the laptop easily and conveniently. There are brands which have introduced touch screen facilities for the laptop, to make the user more comfortable. The major benefit of the touch screen is that it allows for completely intuitive control. Earlier, it was considered as the best feature of a tablet which is now be seen on the laptop. Windows 8 has the new feature of touch screen facility which helps a beginner to use the laptop easily without any difficulty.


There are various other features which you need to look out while purchasing a laptop. But before planning to own a new featured laptop, ensure that whether it will be comfortable for you or not.

What You Need to Know!

It goes without saying that one of the best blogging tips you’re going to get is to use WordPress.  Back in January, though, they announced that they were going to blow through their usual 120-day cycle and actually skip the release of WordPress. 2.4, and put out 2.5 on time in March.

Well, according to Aaron Brazell of TechoSailor.com, they’ve now got a Release Candidate out, although the official release date hasn’t yet been announced.  But if you use Wordpress.com or have had a look at the demo site, you’ll know what’s upcoming.  I’ll try and summarize what Aaron’s posted and include the stuff I find most relevant to myself.

 New Admin Interface

This is going to be the most obvious change that you’ll see.  The colour scheme has been changed to include lighter blues, greys and and even some orange thrown in there as well.  It’s a very “Web 2.0″ experience, and if you don’t mind that, then you might not mind the new interface.  If, however, even the term “Web 2.0″ makes you look around for something to bludgeon, then maybe you’ll want to create your own custom look, which you can now do.

Menu Layout

When you log in, you’re liable to say, uh, where’d everything *go*?  The main tabs on the dashboard when you log in are now limited to Write, Manage, Design (formerly Presentation) and Comments.  Settings, Plug-ins, and Users have been moved to the right hand side of the layout, almost as secondary menus.

Personally, I’d like the ability to move the main tabs around on the dashboard.  I never use the Write tab, simply because I do all of my posting from Windows Live Writer.  So I’d like to be able to swap Write for Plug-ins, for example.  I’m more likely to activate and de-activate plug-ins.


Holy crap.  I like it.  The whole concept of moving the widgets around and laying them out the way you want just got a whole lot better in my opinion.  Aaron wasn’t wild about it, saying it feels like more work, but I have to say I really like the changes.  It doesn’t feel like a module from 1999 that just got woven in.  Much better, guys.

New Visual Editor

Sorry, but like I mentioned above, I don’t deal with the writing process inside WordPress, so I don’t really have an opinion on this one.  Maybe someone else could give it a try in the demo and let us know, eh?

Automatically Upgraded Plug-ins

A nice feature, but a security risk.  This would require your plug-ins to be updated from anywhere, automatically.  If this doesn’t make you a little nervous, it probably should.  You will have the option of disabling this, however, and updating your plug-ins the old fashioned way, too.

Time stamping

Apparently it’s been given a complete re-write, and it’s long past time.  The options now are much move like Movable Type (ugh) where you specify where a post is published or not, and you can then modify the time stamp if you wish.  It’s something that needs to be seen to really get it.So that’s what I got from Aaron’s post that meant the most to me.  Have a look at the full post, by all means, and see what might be in there for you. If you’re a bleeding-edger, you can test the latest version by getting it from: http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/trunk but all of the standard disclaimers apply.  You’re on your own.When the release date is announced I’ll be posting about it here on BloggingNotes.

Check Out BloggingZoom’s New Look


In the process of trying to bring you the best blogging tips, I’ve constantly mentioned that all of your posts should be submitted to BloggingZoom, and when I looked at my site this morning, I noticed an updated BloggingZoom graphic to show how many times each of my sites had been ‘zoomed’.  Very cool looking, too.

Then I had a look at the site to see if things had gotten back to normal after they got hacked last week.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they’d done a complete re-work of the site!  And I love the new look.

If you’ve never submitted your posts to BZ before, it’s something that you should start doing.  Regularly.  Unless you’re a big name blogger, what do you realistically think are the chances that your posts will make it to the front page of Digg?  I’ll give you a hint: it ain’t likley.

With BZ, on the other hand, a lot of my regular readers came directly from the site, and any time that you can get exposure for your blog, it just eventually leads to more traffic.

I’m in the process of getting another niche site setup, and you better believe that everything that I post there is going to wind up getting submitted to BloggingZoom.  I really believe that BZ is even more useful for more specialized niche blogs than just the standard “blog about blogging” or “make money online” blog.

Court and Vic do have one rule about BZ, that, while it was always in place, wasn’t being enforced – but it is now.  When you submit a post to BZ, don’t just copy and paste directly from your post into the details box on BloggingZoom.  You’ll get one warning if you do this now, and after that you’re banned.  I’ll admit that this was I did in the past, until I got an email detailing how they want things done from now on.

So, write an original description of your post when you’re submitting it, because you definitely don’t want to get banned from the site.

It’s just too valuable a resource.

Good work guys, I love the new look.

Send the word: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages.

  • del.icio.us
  • StumbleUpon
  • bloggingzoom

Qualities of a Good Site

Here’s a Transcript of Matt Cutts’ first video answering questions on SEO. The video is entitled – Qualities of a Good Site.Read the transcript if you can’t download the video – or keep the transcript open while you’re watching the first video.

Ok let’s try a few questions and answers. I don’t know if this will work so let’s give it a shot.

Ralph writes in. He says, “Some Comments on site maps please. It seems updates on sitemaps depend on page views of a site.”

Urr, No Ralph that’s not really true. As far as I understand it, pageviews are not really a factor on when things are up dated on Sitemaps.So there are different pieces of Data within Sitemaps. So imagine, you know, 5 little different pieces of data and they can all be updated at different times and different frequencies. Typically they’ll be updated within days or at worst case within weeks.However, as far as I know it’s not dependent on pageviews. Let’s try another one.

“What are some general guidelines and recommendations you would make to people who desire to increase their sites visibility on Google.”

Wow, ok so this is a meaty topic. Definitely a longer issue but lets go ahead and dive into it.The number one thing that most people kinda make a mistake on SEO, is they don’t make their site crawlable. So you wanna look at your site either through a search engine’s eyes or, you know, use a text browser. Do something and go back to 1994 and use Links or something like that.If you can get through your entire site using only a text browser you gonna be in pretty good shape because most people don’t even bother with crawlability. You also wanna have things like sitemaps on your site. You can also use our Sitemaps Tool in addition to that.Once you’ve got your content, and you wanna have good content that interesting. A reason why someone would actually want to link to you, and your site is actually crawable then you need to go about marketing, promoting or optimizing you site.So the main things that I would advise are; think about the people that are really relevant to your niche and make sure they know about you. So that’s just, you know, if you’re associated with a doctor because you’ve got some medical connotation with a website make sure that doctor knows about you and if he’s got a website it might be appropriate for him to link to your bluehost promo code.

You also wanna be thinking about a hook. Something that’s viral. It can be really good content, for example newsletters, tutorials…
I was setting up all this video stuff, trying to make it look semi professional and there were tutorials by a company called photoflex. They were saying, ‘Here’s how to do a Fill Light, a Key Light’ – and all that sort of stuff – ‘oh and by the way you can buy our equipment to do that’. That’s really really smart and in fact another photography site that I went to, they had syndicated their tutorial lessons to that other website.

So content can be a great way to get links. You can also look at things like DiggSlashdotTailrankReddit – you know social networking sites – myspace those sorts of things.
But fundamentally you need something interesting that sets you apart from the pack. Once you’ve got something like that, then you’re going to be in much better shape as far as promoting your site.

But again the biggest step: Making sure your site is crawlable, after that making sure you’ve got great content and then finally try to do the best you can to find some hook – some reason why users would really love you site, return to it and bookmark it.

Alright, let’s do another one.

What conditions, asks Brian M, cause Google to use the Dmoz snippet when there is already a valid meta description tag on the page?

That’s a really good question. I actually had to go and ask the snippets team. I was like ‘Hi why does this happen?’ And, I’m not gonna go into too much detail, but here’s the way you should think about it.

Suppose that you have a page about Christina Aguilera or something like that, and your Open Directory snippet is about Britney Spears. Well if you type in, or some user types in, ‘Britney Spears’ that’s gonna make better snippet.
So the way I would be thinking about it is, there’s all this scoring process, which does all this selection to say, ok you are the best document to be returned. Once we’ve selected and scored your document so that you’re going to be returned in a certain slot on the search engines, now what you need to do is say, ‘ok is the Open directory snippet or my meta tag a better match for what the user actually typed in.’So it’s actually query dependent. That is depending on the query the user typed we say, ‘Well we think that the meta description tag from the Open Directory Project or from your Meta Tags is gonna be a better match for the user’s query.’And then based on that we try to say, ‘Ok in that case let’s go with the meta tags, in this other case let’s go with the Open Directory Project’. Now you can, if you don’t like the Open Directory snippet, you can use the Meta NOODP tag . And that will prevent us from using the description from the Open Directory Project.

So you have – sort of – the ability to sculpt things a little a bit and choose which things you want to have happen.

Alright… This ones a good one.

Lara McKenzie writes in, she says ‘Does Google favor Bold or Strong Tags?’

In general, we probably favor bold just a little bit more but it’s so slight that I wouldn’t really worry about it. I would go ahead and do your markup how ever you wanna do it, not worrying so much about – ‘oh, if I use italics am I gonna get a little bit of boost in Google’. Any kind of affect like that is relatively small. So in general I’d do whatever’s best for your users or whatever’s best for your site and then not worry much about it after that.

Part 2 of Web 2.0 Logos and Links

  1. LifeLogger – a great way to keep things that matter to you alive and sparkling, for FREE!
  2. RateItAll – includes contributed reviews of products, people, and travel destinations.
  3. Kaboodle, a free LAN-management application
  4. GiveMeaning– Mark a special occasion or event by buying a tax-deductible GiveMeaning card
  5. Bunchball.com – Play with your friends!
  6. Prosper – an online community for person to person lending
  7. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk – Complete simple tasks that people do better than computers. And, get paid for it.
  8. Orkut – an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends
  9. Multiply’s exclusive live replies turn your content into fun, lively discussions.
  10. Readio – converts RSS-feeds to MP3 files
  11. NewsIsFree – Your Personal News Portal
  12. Citadel – a different kind of messaging and collaboration platform
  13. Blogdigger – an RSS Search Engine
  14. Loomia – a podcast and videocast search engine plus much more
  15. Weblogs, Inc. – Blog network
  16. Browster – Fastest Way to Browse
  17. WikiMatrix – compare the features of various popular Wiki engines in comfortable side-by-side tables
  18. Dodgeball.com – mobile social software
  19. Odeo – Record and Share Audio
  20. MyProgs – find new software, keep your program list online
  21. Zoho – Affordable software for individuals, small & medium business
  22. V4S – Free Web Voice Messaging
  23. Dabble.com
  24. YackPack – simple, web-based voice messaging for groups
  25. Plum – Collect, share, and connect your world
  26. Wallop – share photos, blog, and interact with your friends.
  27. coComment – clear conversation in the blogosphere
  28. Xmail Hard Drive – Use Gmail as a hard drive
  29. ButterFly
  30. RawSugar – an annotated collection of tagged webpages
  31. eMessenger – web based messaging
  32. Bitty – the little browser that goes on any Web page
  33. Seekum – Developed by thought, not code
  34. Dropcash – It’s a simple way to organize a fundraiser
  35. The Form Assembly – Create and Process State-of-the-Art Web Forms
  36. MyBlogLog – Know what makes your readers click
  37. FeedLounge – The Premium Web-based Feed Reader
  38. Xanga.com – The Weblog Community
  39. Photobucket.com – Free Image Hosting
  40. STICKAM – All-in-one Multimedia Communication Tool
  41. openBC – your key to the right people at the right time.
  42. ZoomTags – an advanced extension of eListas, that, along with the email group capabilities, offers advanced blog, social networking and trading tools
  43. AidPage – People Aid People
  44. ClickCaster – Create your own free radio show or podcast
  45. Zingee™ – Really Simple Sharing
  46. Wists – social shopping
  47. Sharpcast – brings your computer, your mobile phone and the web into perfect harmony
  48. CalendarHub – Web Calendars (mentioned in part 1 too)
  49. Blinksale – The easiest way to send invoices online
  50. Diggdot.us – digg / slashdot / del.icio.us popular
  51. GooTodo – To Do List
  52. YouSendIt – File transfer and email service.
  53. Spy Media – first news photo marketplace for everyone
  54. 8by1 – Wishlist for Your World
  55. Sproutit – Hosted email management exclusively for small businesses
  56. Weblogs Work – makes it simple for your organization to use blogs and other online tools
  57. Qumana – blog editor and blogging tools
  58. 43Places – social travel site
  59. NowPublic.com – The News is Now Public
  60. SimpleTicket – Open Source Trouble Ticket System for Businesses
  61. Windows Live – ajax desktop
  62. VideoEgg -a browser plug-in that makes it easy capture, edit, encode and post videos online
  63. Clusty – the Clustering Engine
  64. ispott – mobile scavenger hunt game played with cell phone cameras
  65. ThePort Network – offers a turn-key hosted solution
  66. BitBomb.com – Text Message Your Reminders for Free
  67. Megite – Technology News
  68. Yellowikis – Open Business Listings
  69. Rrove – social bookmark service for locations. Save Locations, Discover Places
  70. Six Apart – Makers of weblog software and services for individuals
  71. Bryght – a content and community management system that allows you to create and maintain a dynamic website.
  72. eSnips.com – Snip, store and share anything you like
  73. Joyent -offers simple, powerful, web-based software that provides small teams with email, calendars, contacts, and shared applications
  74. Muiso a new music companion service for you
  75. NewsMob – Mobile aggregator that can work with both Palm and Pocket PC browsers.
  76. Wikispaces – A place where you can easily build web pages together with other people
  77. Skype – Peer to peer voice service
  78. Chuquet – listens for the buzz.
  79. Talkr -allows people to listen to text-only blogs. Talkr podcasts the blogs.
  80. Rojo – “RSS with mojo” the best feed reader
  81. Shutterbook.com – Online Photo Sharing
  82. Campaign Monitor – email newsletter and list management software built for web designers to send their campaigns
  83. BubbleShare – Share your story, Photo sharing, Photocasting
  84. Gliffy – Visualize & share ideas on the web
  85. egorrss – email direct to rss
  86. elgg – the learning landscape
  87. Avvenu – Access Files and Share Photos from Anywhere
  88. LinkedIn – strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts
  89. Sxip – building simple, secure, and open Identity 2.0 solutions for the Web
  90. Meetro – It Breaks The Ice
  91. Fuzz
  92. Slide – Photo sharing for groups, photo discovery, and messaging
  93. Hubpages – similar to squidoo
  94. PicPix – a photo/video sharing/tag/organization application
  95. Podtrac – Connects The Podcaster and the Advertiser
  96. Podserve
  97. Sphere
  98. Placeopedia – Connecting Wikipedia articles with their locations
  99. Goovite – fast, free, easy invites, with no registration required
  100. BlogMarks – blog bookmarks
  101. Trulia – Real Estate Search
  102. Kratia -a Democratic Search Engine, like a DiggGoogle.
  103. Stickis – helping realize the potential of a new, social, web
  104. iNetWord – an Online Browser-Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  105. Kajeet – mobile phone service for teens
  106. Consumatin
  107. Feed Pile – Feed Sharing For Everyone.
  108. Socialtext – Offers an Enterprise Wiki as a hosted service
  109. FeedFeeds – Online RSS Feeds reader
  110. BuddyMarks – The Web’s best online personal, group and social bookmarks manager
  111. Yahoo! 360° – blog service
  112. Video Bomb – filters up the hottest videos on the internet
  113. Surf Tail – makes it easier to find what you want on the web by following those who have gone before you
  114. Friendster – An online community that connects people through networks of friends for dating
  115. FotoFlix – the best way to organize and share your fotos online.
  116. Mofile – share your files quickly and easily. Provides free storage,enables you to share documents, pictures, music and movies.
  117. Rabble – MoBlog meets Social Networking
  118. Asoboo – Unlocking doors to people and places in your city.
  119. Pageflakes – Ajax Desktop (mentioned in part 1)
  120. SendSpace – Upload and share up to 1200 MB!
  121. EventSniper – a next-generation online calendar
  122. Etsy – Your place to buy and sell all things handmade
  123. Revver – Share your videos with the world and make money.
  124. Mooflex – content management system
  125. TagCloud – lets you create and manage clouds with content you are interested
  126. PBwiki – Make a free, password-protected wiki as easily as a peanut butter sandwich
  127. Current
  128. EvolvePoint – RSS feed creation, tracking, deliver, and management in a web based subscrition service.
  129. Central Desktop – a web based collaboration tool for business teams and workgroups
  130. My Tickler File – allows you to manage your ticklers online
  131. HipCal – Online calendar and todo list
  132. Nooked – an online service, targeted at enterprise, that can manage, create and publish RSS feeds.
  133. MyEmail.com – web mail service
  134. Fotki – Unlimited Photo Sharing and Cheap Printing
  135. TimeTracker – a simple tool to keep track of the time you spend on any task.
  136. Blogtronix – Secure Corporate Blogging and Business Networking
  137. Newroo – Real-Time News Aggregator
  138. Attensa – a news aggregator that brings the news that matters to you right into your Microsoft Outlook inbox
  139. BlinkList – Your personal start page and social bookmarking engine
  140. Inbox.com – free 2GB webmail with toolbar loaded with fun & useful functions
  141. Kosmix.com – helps users discover the deep web by organizing search results into relevant categories
  142. FeedBlitz – EMail Blog and RSS Subscription Services
  143. Talk Digger – find, follow and join discussions evolving on the internet
  144. Ondergrond (Underground) – a Dutch web application
  145. Userplane – offers industry leading Instant Live Community solutions including web chat scripts, flash chat and video chat software.
  146. 43deals – is a one stop shop for the best shopping deals published across the internet
  147. Zaadz (seed) – changing the world one web user at a time
  148. Cloudalicious – Watching Tag Clouds Over Time
  149. Immedi.at helps you to keep track of online information as it changes
  150. Squeet – Free Email RSS Reader
  151. claimID – a new service to manage your online identity.
  152. askeet! ask questions, find answers
  153. Listal – A social DVD, book, music and games collection manager
  154. Indeed – Search millions of jobs from thousands of job sites
  155. Eurekster Swicki – A wiki farm offering free hosting of Swiki (Squeak Wiki) based wikis.
  156. IceRocket – blog search
  157. Zopa – The first lending and borrowing exchange
  158. PreFound – search what people have already found
  159. Feed2Podcast – instantly turns your blog’s RSS feed into a Podcast
  160. Plurn – organizes and categorizes media files on the Internet for sharing as streaming playlists.
  161. ThinkFree Office Online – you can open, edit, and create Office documents with this easy and convenient online service.
  162. blo.gs – Provides update notification via the web, email, and instant messenger.
  163. EchoSign – helps you keep executed documents organized.
  164. CustomScoop – Online News Clipping Service
  165. MyStickies allows you to place little yellow squares of digital paper anywhere and everywhere you feel like in the web
  166. iOWEYOU – Expenses sharing calculator
  167. Tagalag – Tag friends and associates to create contextual relationships
  168. LiveJournal.com – a place where you can share your thoughts with the world.
  169. Lovento.com – offers nightlife information for events and venues all over the world with an international nightlife community.
  170. DropSend – Email large files easily and securely
  171. WideWord – Write and share documents easily, quickly and privately!
  172. LibraryThing – catalogs yours books online, easily, quickly and for free.
  173. Peerflix – Trade DVDs online
  174. Mabber – integrates ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Jabber in one web browser-based instant messager
  175. Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatar
  176. Flock – web browser
  177. Performancing.com – Helping Bloggers Succeed
  178. Mologogo is a free service that will track a friend’s GPS-enabled cell phone.
  179. Feedpath – feed reader
  180. Mint – helps you identify where the most interest is being generated and over what
  181. PureVolume – is the place for rising artists to host their mp3s and get exposure
  182. Favorville – People Helping People.Be a part of a social experiment in good will.
  183. 43 People – meet friends online.
  184. Glendor Showcase – find jobs online
  185. Fluxiom – capture, manage, access and deliver content across your enterprise.
  186. 9rules Network – is an umbrella that brings together the very best web content
  187. Jobazaar – The new way to get the job done! job auctions
  188. MyMe – Personal web identities
  189. MailBigFile.com – Send large files quickly and easily without clogging up your email.
  190. TRACTIS
  191. PAGUNA.com – book hotels online
  192. Grokker – Enterprise Search Management
  193. Zipingo – is the fastest way to find the best local businesses based on community feedback
  194. Jyve – a community of skype users that offers free functionality such as: Groups, Chat, Blogs…
  195. AttentionTrust.org – a non-profit organization promoting the basic rights of attention owners
  196. Krugle makes it easy for developers to find source code and technical information
  197. FeedButler – A web-based feed-reader with social bookmarking and non-hierarchical editorial control.
  198. hanzo:web – is a new service that enables you to save and archive web pages,
  199. Zooomr – Photo sharing that speaks your language!
  200. FeedXs – get your own personal feed – no website needed.
  201. Textamerica.com
  202. Slawesome – is email for your voice
  203. Buzznet – Photo and Video Sharing Community
  204. WordPress – Free Blog Tool and Weblog Platform
  205. RSS MAD – the most surfer friendly internet content aggregator.
  206. Judy’s Book – Find the best local businesses reviewed by real people
  207. TitleZ – Book trends for publishers
  208. Tagzania – is about tags and places
  209. SWABBA
  210. BlogBridge – the Blog and feed aggregation solution
  211. Kulando
  212. Campfire – Simple group chat for business
  213. blogSpirit – create your free blog
  214. LifeType – OpenSource Blogging Platform
  215. AjaxWhois.com – Instant domain name lookup and Whois
  216. TracksLife – Your Friendly, Personal, Online Spread-abase
  217. ReminderFeed – Your RSS Reminder Service
  218. Zoho Chat – Make Group Decisions Faster
  219. Edgeio – Listings from the edge
  220. 3bubbles – unites chat and blogs to create real-time conversations in the blogosphere
  221. FeedPing.com – Free RSS Pinging to All Major Directories
  222. Tangler – next generation in internet messaging
  223. Fold
  224. Sonr – Statistics for your Podcasts
  225. 30daytags – fresh tag, free delivery
  226. Doostang – an invitation-only professional network that connects people through personal relationships and affiliations
  227. Vongo
  228. Photocase
  229. Jamendo – Download and listen to full albums, legally.
  230. Swagroll – lists and shares your stuff
  231. StikiPad – is like a blank piece of paper – you decide what you’re going to make of
  232. co.mments – helps you stay on top of the conversation by keeping you updated of new comments
  233. mightyv –
  234. Wikalong – Firefox Extension
  235. Turn – contextual advertisingcompany
  236. TravBuddy – Travel Blogs | Travel Reviews | Travel Community

Web 2.0 Logos and Links



      • Spongecell.com – A free and easy to use calendar for you and your friends.
      • Hula – Hula is a mail and calendar server with a friendly web-interface designed for a great user experience.
      • Kiko – A new kind of online calendar
      • Trumba – Add a dynamic calendar to your website and easily communicate event information with others.
      • Eskobo – another entrant into the crazy-crowded Ajax desktop world
      • Mayomi – Map Your Mind and visually organize your thoughts
      • PageFlakes – Pageflakes is your personalized start page with news readers, RSS feeds and various other features.
      • Vimeo – A really good site for people who like video, and other people
      • Skobee – The best way to make everyday plans
      • Shadows – Tag, comment, and rate your favorite web pages.
      • Gravee – Social Search.
      • YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.
      • Zimbra – a community for building next generation collaboration technology.
      • Furl – Where to look for what you need
      • Smugmug -The ultimate in photo sharing
      • NewsGator – News aggregator that runs in Microsoft Outlook.
      • Blogniscient – The Bird’s Eye View of the Blogosphere
      • Tinfinger – Human search engine.
      • Shutterfly – Sharing Pictures
      • Mefeedia – an aggregator, a video feedreader
  • Feedster – Search engine for RSS feeds
  • Favoor.com – Your personalized start page
  • Planzo – an exciting new online calendar
  • Zazzle.com – Buy, Sell, and Create custom t-shirts
  • TailRank – finds the best content from thousands of blogs
  • TagWorld – for the tags
  • Nuvvo – the free and easy way to build or take online courses.
  • Dogear – an in-page bookmarking tool
  • Yakalike – Chat with others visiting the same site
  • Grouper Video – Watch, Share, Create
  • OddPost – yahoo acquired
  • QOOP – all about users creating content and selling products
  • iNods – search reviews & advice
  • Lulu.com – lets you publish and sell and print on demand
  • rbloc.com – buy, sell, meet, think
  • Blish.com – the easiest place to buy or sell digital content
  • Flagr – Bookmark the Real World
  • FireAnt – Download, View, and Organize any type of media
  • SimplyHired – Job Search Made Simple
  • Veoh – Online videos: From funny home videos to premium content
  • Ad Cloud – a newly created commercial search engine
  • rbloc.com – buy, sell, meet, think