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In the process of trying to bring you the best blogging tips, I’ve constantly mentioned that all of your posts should be submitted to BloggingZoom, and when I looked at my site this morning, I noticed an updated BloggingZoom graphic to show how many times each of my sites had been ‘zoomed’.  Very cool looking, too.

Then I had a look at the site to see if things had gotten back to normal after they got hacked last week.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they’d done a complete re-work of the site!  And I love the new look.

If you’ve never submitted your posts to BZ before, it’s something that you should start doing.  Regularly.  Unless you’re a big name blogger, what do you realistically think are the chances that your posts will make it to the front page of Digg?  I’ll give you a hint: it ain’t likley.

With BZ, on the other hand, a lot of my regular readers came directly from the site, and any time that you can get exposure for your blog, it just eventually leads to more traffic.

I’m in the process of getting another niche site setup, and you better believe that everything that I post there is going to wind up getting submitted to BloggingZoom.  I really believe that BZ is even more useful for more specialized niche blogs than just the standard “blog about blogging” or “make money online” blog.

Court and Vic do have one rule about BZ, that, while it was always in place, wasn’t being enforced – but it is now.  When you submit a post to BZ, don’t just copy and paste directly from your post into the details box on BloggingZoom.  You’ll get one warning if you do this now, and after that you’re banned.  I’ll admit that this was I did in the past, until I got an email detailing how they want things done from now on.

So, write an original description of your post when you’re submitting it, because you definitely don’t want to get banned from the site.

It’s just too valuable a resource.

Good work guys, I love the new look.

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